Green Eco-Friendly Cleaning

In recent years the evolution of the environmentally conscious homeowner has increased the demand for products and services with green alternatives. While many local pressure cleaning companies release dangerous chemicals into the atmosphere and into the ground that can potentially harm the environment, Coca Building Services offers eco-friendly cleaning solutions for even the toughest and dirtiest jobs.

Coca Building Services specializes green methods ideal for removing mold, mildew, grime and other surface pollutants from almost any surface. In lieu of the traditional harsh chemicals associated with power washing, Coca Building Services uses non-caustic, environmentally friendly detergents to get the job done effectively and safely. All of our detergents are safe for pets, plants and people. In addition to the use of eco-friendly cleaners, we have also taken steps to reduce the amount of water used in our cleaning process, thereby conserving this precious resource often taken for granted

We have the best pressure cleaning equipment available and the experience to put it to excellent use! Our proven methods guarantee that your property will be as clean as possible when we leave. If not used properly, high-powered power washing equipment can cause serious damage. That's why all our technicians are professional, thoroughly trained and supervised. We maintain full insurance coverage in the unlikely event that anything is damaged. Consumer beware of low-end, un-certified, part-time “contractors” that do not maintain professional liability coverage. Make sure you ask for it!